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adj : ril'a dOp

1) A smooth combination of the terms rilla and dope denoting the inherant dopeness of a particular object, person, or circumstance.

2) A modifying agent as an enhancement to the word "dope"

3) A rap group from the southwestern United States.
1)There's this new rap group coming out of the Old Pueblo called Rilla Dope and that's just what they are.

2)Did you catch that new movie? Had some rilla dope effects up in.
by MC Ducats n' Buckets September 21, 2004
Another synonym for dollars, or much like the colloquials 'ducat, coin, scrilla, bones' and others of similar ilk.
1. We were staking up our bonads from the floor to the ceiling.

2. Damn, that costs nearly fifty bonads.
by MC Ducats n' Buckets February 24, 2005
Often found in the downtown area of major cities, the urban hobosician plies his trade serenading passers by with often mediocre music while soliciting for donations.
Did you hear that hobosician on the street corner? I dropped a few quarters in his hat.
by MC Ducats n' Buckets February 23, 2005
n. 'swEt 'tEn 'jE-z&s

An adaptation from the oft used sweet jesus showing exclamation, but even more so. The modification uses the rarely discussed 'teen' jesus to enhance surprise.
1. You got hit by a car riding your bike? Sweet teen jesus, that's rough.

2. Sweet teen jesus, that's one good sandwich
by MC Ducats n' Buckets March 10, 2005
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