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n: The shudders, wide-eyed look, frantic little astounded noises, and eventual amazed torpor that accompanies the listening to an amazing song, usually ending in the person having a glassy-eyed look and acting in the exhausted, drained manner of someone who just had a huge orgasm.
v: To exhibit the behaviors or characteristics that define the act of having a soundgasm.
Oh my lord, I was listening to my friend's MP3 player and she caught me having a soundgasm to the new rock she has on there. I was so embarassed. =]
by MC Bella January 22, 2007
n: Someone who will date or sleep with an individual, and then go on to date and/or sleep with most if not all of that individual's friends.
I don't want to date Sharrie, but my best friend James wants me too because she's such a homie-hopper that he's sure to get some.
by MC Bella January 22, 2007
n: An emo, or emo-looking kid, who actually makes an attempt to mosh or hardcore dance respectably. He looks like a 'fag-ass' emo kid, listens to My Chemical Romance or perhaps even Panic! At The Disco, but he's at a underground show and is trying to prove himself. Hardcore punks think he's pathetic and are really surprised when they kick him and he kicks back harder.
Punk 1: "Dude, did you see that one Dorian kid at the show last week?"
Punk 2: "Haha, the one who listens to MCR and his hair fucking hangs over his eye all annoying and shit?"
Punk 1: "Dude, that little girlpants wearing shit gave Corey a huge bruise on his leg! Did you SEE it?"
Punk 2: "Fuck, THAT'S what that was from? It looked like he crashed into the drums again! That KID did that?"
Punk 1: "That 'kid' must be a fucking hardcore emosher. I guess we won't beat him up and leave him in the Starbucks dumpster."
Punk 2: "Aww man."
by MC Bella January 23, 2007
A combinations of the words 'celebrity' and 'jealous'. The word takes several meanings.

1. Being jealous of a celebrity, be it because of wealth, posessions, experience, or lover.

2. Extreme protectivism over your celebrity of choice. This includes obsession in all forms, ex: collecting pictures, reading all available interviews, watching all TV appearances/movies, and growling at and/or biting anyone who unwittingly hits on your sweetie in front of you.
Damn I am cealous of Brad Pitt; he could get any chick in the world.

SHH!! Don't say Gerard Way is hot in front of Mary; she'll fucking bite you!! She's in love with him more than you, that's why. o_o
by MC Bella January 22, 2007
n: A person who feigns interest in another, very smart person just so that the brainy one will do their homework.

n: A morbid or depressed individual with a secret desire to publicly shoot themselves in the mouth, temple, or under the chin. Usually this form of suicide is their chief fantasy.

n: An unusually tough math problem.
If stupid Dax doesn't want to fail Algebra again he's gonna have to become a major brain blower.

Mary told me she thought about keeping a handgun in her backpack; I think she's a brain blower.

Fuck this Geometry bullshit... #8 is a SERIOUS brain blower!
by MC Bella January 22, 2007
n: Someone who will date or sleep with an individual, and then go on to date and/or sleep with most if not all of that individual's friends.
Frankie: Man, I wish that Sharrie would date me.
Sam: Double-D Sharrie? Man, that is a bad idea, she is such a homie-hopper.
Frankie: And that would be bad for you... how?
by MC Bella December 20, 2006
n: A complete fool for Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. These fans are complete dorks over the man and are usually quite proud of it. Some of them idolize him as either their savior or hero, but most of them are simply madly in love with him.
Quote of a classic Geetard: "OH my Geesus, "Thank You For The Venom", the live version on the Life On The Murder Scene CD... Gerard at the very beginning, he like screams all dark and scary "THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM!!!" and then he's like "OPEN UP THOSE FUCKING MOSH PITS RIGHT NOW!!! OPEN IT UP!!!" And then at the end... he GROWLS... I pretty much had a soundgasm. He's so beautiful."
by MC Bella January 23, 2007
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