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4 definitions by MC Beer Truck

When someone is succesful in a particular endeavor beyond their wildest dreams, causing one to undress in public in the middle of the day while slapping their ham and dispensing knuckle guppies all over the sidewalk.
"Dude what is Tony doing??"

"You didn't here the good news? He got an A++ on his math final!?"

"No way, he was only shooting for a C-."

"Yea, I asked him if he'd like to celebrate and get a couple pops, but he was acting kind of strange, but then I realized he just had to decompress and go Kony Creator for a bit."
by MC Beer Truck March 22, 2012
2 0
An unwanted pregnancy.
For real!? This is my third crotch botch this year!
by MC Beer Truck June 05, 2011
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What is produced when a women queefs during her monthly cycle.
"I just got in a fight with my wife again, she's on her period.
She was so angry, she produced a red cloud!"
by MC Beer Truck June 06, 2011
0 1
Someone who is so retarded they don't even deserve an "R".
Can you believe Bobby? He brought a keg of O'Douls to the senior party. What a Tad!
by MC Beer Truck June 05, 2011
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