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4 definitions by MC Barebreeze, MC Bareflex, MC Barefassy

The point at which ones thighs meet at the back of the body, usually referred to as the buttocks. The "batty crease" is therefore the crack in ones buttocks
"That yattie over there, she got some big up batty crease. Me see it like the grand canyon, man."
73 47
A piece of checked clothing that evry rude boy has to wear, innit.
Check my burberry flex
16 15
A reference to a female who possesses a finely shaped pair of buttocks that make u hungry 4 more.
"Dat ones got some cheeky batty, me wanna slam it"
1 0
rinse means to run something for a long time and use it often. It may also be a sexual reference
"Me rinsed her fassy yestersay"
"You is rinsin that new daniel beddingfield tune ya nobhead"
17 29