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An ancient religious concept that has recently gained popularity through the television show "My Name is Earl". If you're lucky, karma will get you a really spiffy looking Chevy El Camino, but only if you make a list of all the mean things you've ever done and resolve to make amends for each of them. If you're the type of guy who's always doing mean things and wondering why your life sucks, you need to watch Carson Daly and he'll tell you it's all karma.
"Karma used me to do its dirty work. Nice move, Karma."
by MC 900 Foot Oral Roberts May 28, 2006
Word to your mother means you are a real life gangster from the hood. At least, that's what it means if you're the type of gangster who styles his hair like Morrissey and wears M.C. Hammer style parachute pants.
Word to your mother,
Word to your brother,
Word to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
Word to you and me.
by MC 900 Foot Oral Roberts May 12, 2006
A word that seems like it should rhyme with pagan, even though it does not. For instance, you never hear of a vee-ge-ta-ri-an or a vee-ge-ta-ble, yet it's vee-gan.
My friend Megan is a vegan pagan, flashin' mo' bling than Menachem Begin.
by MC 900 Foot Oral Roberts August 07, 2006

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