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1. something stinks - not necessarily from a stench
1. Man AC/DC sucks monkey balls
2. Getting caught smelling your aunts panties sucks monkey balls
3. Whoever came up with the slang ACCA DACCA sucks money balls
4. Laguna Beach sucks monkey balls
by MAX GARCIA September 12, 2006
1. a band that someone who has nothing to say latches onto in order to try and sound cool when chatting online
2. a diss
3. to go both ways, although it's clear that any dude who likes this band only likes those who play for his home team
1. analogy - President Bush is to great president as AC/DC is to

a. great dane b. great Scott or c. great band.........like the word suggests the answer of course could go both ways
by MAX GARCIA September 16, 2006
1. A band that people with nothing to say latch onto in order for others to think they are cool when online. Often wrongly accused of being the greatest rock band on earth
2. A dis
3. Beer binging music
1. When someone gripes that teenagers today don't know real music cause they like FIfty Cent they might say something like they don't know about real music, now AC/DC, that's real music.
2. When someone says someone is so whack that they listen to AC/DC
3. Analogy - President Bush is to great....................President as AC/DC is to great....................Band - In true AC/DC fashion this could go both ways
by MAX GARCIA September 16, 2006

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