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Small encrusted pieces of poo that attach themselves to the hair on your gooch when wiping carelessly.
Kyle wanted Susan to lick his gooch but he had grundle berries.
Be sure to scrub your gooch extra hard in the shower to get those grundle berries off.
Hey dude check it out, this grundle berrie looks like Cosby.
by MATT, TONY AND GREG July 23, 2004
An anti-persperent used to mask the aroma of a smelly, sweaty gooch. Strong enough for the armpits, but made for the gooch. A product of Grundle & Grundle. (Patent Pending) Try our newest anti-persperent "Fresh Frumunda Cheese"
Tired of having a sweaty, smelly, chaffed, and chapped Gooch? Worry no more my friend. Gooch Stick has combined medicated ointments and natural deoderizers to have that Gooch smelling great agian.
by MATT, TONY AND GREG July 23, 2004
a broom used to clean the gooch under dirty conditions.
tom had a dirty gooch, the gooch broom made it clean agian.
by MATT, TONY AND GREG July 23, 2004
Gooch Goblins are a more sophisticated term for crabs of the gooch.
dude my gooch itches, you more than likely have gooch goblins Jake.
Robert had sex with a prostitute with a fupa it sagged down and touched his gooch, now he has gooch goblins.
Jessica likied to lick my gooch until i got a nasty case of gooch goblins.
by MATT, TONY AND GREG July 23, 2004
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