6 definitions by MANiac

skinny, thin
Get yo scrawny ass baq here!
by maniac June 12, 2004
mail in which media of males(usually of an erotic type) is sent. Can be sent using e-mail, snail mail, etc.
I sent you male mail today.
by MANiac December 14, 2004
a super fat cat
yay wofat!
by maniac April 10, 2004
a fat, dumb cat
WoFat Cat
by maniac April 10, 2004
Something that really sucks. Also used to describe homosexualism.
That is SO RIT.
by maniac May 01, 2004
another way to say hooker
Yo dude, let's go fuck some hookas tonite
by Maniac May 22, 2004

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