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"A parasitic bug that thrives and breeds in human flesh, normally transplanted from the decaying carcass of a vegemite sandwich due to the nom's survival instinctual adaptation which allows it to survive in vegetable proteins despite being consummated and born into meat protein".
Doctor: "See the physical defects in this patients facial features?"
Bystander: Yes... yes I do... I think I'm going to be sick!"
Doctor: "That's a very common reaction when one first encounters the Noms..."
Bystander: Noms...?
Doctor: "Yes... Noms... a very nasty and politically influential flesh eating parasite, a parasite also capable of mind control if it is able to enter the central cortex of the brain..."
Bystander: " So Obama and Gillard are just..."
Doctor: "Yes... they are Nommified...:
Bystander: "God help us all...!"
by MAB1975 September 09, 2011
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