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God. No need to say more.
Jimi Fucking Hendrix is God.
by M6D! August 15, 2006
Term originated by scrubs who would get consistently beaten to a pulp in Halo: Combat Evolved by superior marksmen. The Pistol was extremely powerful, so only an idiot would choose the cool-looking covenant weapons. Despite their inherent coolness, (what with being alien weapons and all) they were simply inferior to the M6D Pistol. Since they consistently died from the three-shot kill of a talented pistoler, scrubs began justifying their embarrassing losses by calling their (superior) opponents "pistol whores." See example 1.

In halo 2, anyone who is proficient with any weapon and regularly chooses it will be called a whore of that weapon if it is what they consistently use well to defeat players of lesser skill. A player that uses the battle rifle frequently and skillfully to achieve a high win-loss ratio will invariably be called a battle rifle whore. This applies to any weapon in the game, no matter how available it is to all players, or how little/much skill it takes to either wield it or defeat someone wielding it. See example 2.
Example 1:
Me: Crack! Crack! Crack!
God: Game over!
Scrub: O my god you pistol whore! Use a weapon that takes some skill u n00b!!!

Example 2:
Me (with battle rifle): Brrt! Brrt! Brrt! Brrt!
God: Game over!
Scrub: O my god u battle rifle whore! Use a weapon that takes some skill u stupid n00b!!!

Example 2.1:
Me (with sword): WhoosH!!!! Whoosh!!! WhooSHHSH!!!
by M6D! June 23, 2006
Is a descendant of "Pistol Whore." While the ancestor arose from Halo: Combat Evolved's multiplayer, "Sword Whore" has arisen from Halo 2's multiplayer. Essentially, a sword whore is a player who, in the eyes of his opponents, uses the energy sword far too much. It's ease of use, sheer killing power, and the fact that in virtually all gametypes only one player in the game will have it, make the sword a particularly envied weapon. It gives the wielder a devestating advantage in mid to close range combat, as it has a fairly long "lock-on" distance. That is, if your enemy is close enough to you to do damage with the SMG (the usual default starting weapon), he is close enough to you for the sword to "lock on" to him. Pull the trigger, and you lunge forward, closing the gap almost instantaneously, and scoring a one-hit kill.

Since only one player in the game has the sword, and it takes nearly perfect timing to dodge a sword lunge, the wielder is virtually invulnerable--provided he is not a complete idiot, and pays no attention to where his enemies are/might be.

Any gamer, and even a casual observer, would make the obvious conclusion that the sword is a dominant weapon, and anyone choosing NOT to pick it up is somehow cognizantly flawed. However, many, many players will, upon being killed by a sword-wielder, scream out the the swordsman has no skill, shouldn't be playing halo, and is a n00b, rather than change their tactics to either adjust for their lack of the sword, or to take the sword from their enemy via superior skill and strategy. (That would apparently require altogether too much thought, concentration, and planning)
"OMFG U N00b!!!one11! put down the sword and get some skill u sword whore!!!!1111!!1 !!wtfhaxpwnt!!!111one!!1!"

"He's got no REAL skill. He only went on a killing spree because he's a sword whore. Holy crap he's dead? Gimme that sword, I'm keep it the rest of the game and get a killtacular."

Swordsman: Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Bang Bang. Kaboom.
scrubs (x4)OMG U SWORD WHORE!!!

by M6D! August 09, 2006
The tactic which makes offensive military operations the U.S. Army's strong suit.

Concept: Part of your unit shoots at the enemy with enough firepower to make them keep their heads down. This is known as suppressive fire or (in the movies) as covering fire. When you gain supressive fire, the other part of your unit moves in on them from a direction other than that which they are being shot from, and kills them.

You FIRE on the enemy to SUPPRESS their fires, and then MANEUVER on them to kill/destroy them/their equipment.
Fuck this World War I bullshit. Let's try some fire and maneuver on them!

by M6D! August 09, 2006
See pistol whore and sword whore. The term Rocket Whore applies similarly, but as rockets or a rocket launcher is common to many more FPS(first person shooter) games besides the Halo series, "Rocket Whore" is an older term, with a longer history, and (prior to the advent of Halo's Pistol Whore and Sword Whore was the predominant term.

Typically, calling someone a rocket whore serves only to point out to the rest of the people playing that you got your virtual ass handed to you by the rocketeer repeatedly for the duration of the game. Needless to say, this only points out to everyone within earshot of you that rather than
1: alert your teamates to the threat posed by rockets and adjust your collective strategy
2: adjust your individual tactics

you simply charged into the fray mindlessly, with little or no situational awareness, (despite having been killed already by said rocketeer) and got blown to smithereens each time. God forbid you change your paradigm and produce an effective defense to a rocketeer, so that YOU might wield the almighty rocket launcher, and "pwn teh n00bs."
I got killed twelve times by that rocket whore! He sucks and has no skill! Get some real skill and kill me with a needler u rocket whore!!!

What a rocket whore. He got 18 kills, all using the rocket launcher. Why didn't someone kill him and take it so we could capture the flag?
by M6D! August 09, 2006

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