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similar to a party crasher, this kind of foul play can ruin the mood just as much as any party foul. A party cracker ia an out of control white boy. We all know them. Don't let them get out of control, because when they do what's your is theirs and what's their is theirs. Totally oblivious, they will consume all you have, while keeping their collection out of harms way.
(Ex: I'm tired of hanging out with party crackers like Joey. He came to the party last night. Joey had a 12 pack in his car but thought it'd be better to leave it, as he knew Sal had plenty of brew he could easily mooch)
by M4rquist4 January 24, 2011
A variation of douche bag, used to describes bros. Bro bags are most commonly found at the gym, using the mirror more than the weights. You know the type, while they're walking they glance over in the mirror, look away, then stop to do a double take. Bro bags aren't just big bros, this term can apply to scronny bros as well
(Wow, with all the bro bags at the gym lately I can actually use a machine. They use the mirror at the gym more than anything else)
by M4rquist4 January 24, 2011

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