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The steaming henry is when a french man eats 3 pounds of marijuana and then shits it out, then eats it. this effect gives you an even longer last shit flavor in your mouth and also gets you really high, for 3 minutes.
man last night was not good, i did a steaming henry and i totally fucked up, and i can still taste shit in my mouth
#doobie dump #round house chronic burger #canadian maple log #a henry baguette #brians mom
by M.J.Smocher June 17, 2009
Sticky Einstein is the new strain of cannabis which actually gives the brain a long lasting enhancement of the frontal lobe in your brain. This can help you remember very past events and also increase your thinking capacity.
As Adam, Henry, Matthew and Erik smoked the Stick Einstein they realized that they better get off the roof to avoid any unfortunate eventualities, they then realized that they had remembered the first time they had smoked the Green Giant, a memory which was long lost within the depths of their THC infested minds, then they realized that they would never leave Sticky Einstein.
#moist alby #theory of realization #when alby met mary jane #chronic of relativism #albert smokestein
by M.J.Smocher June 15, 2009
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