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A person who is half Caucasion, half Mexican. Or any kind of Latino, really. They can look more Mexican, more Caucasion, or you just can't tell at all.
Some of my best friends are whitesican!
by M.J. West October 07, 2008
A kiss so amazingly delicious and stimulating that the only way to describe it is to put spiffy with delicious. This word cannot be used to describe anything other than the most amazing kiss of your life so far.
"Man, I miss her, her kisses were just spiffylicious!"
by M.J. West October 07, 2008
Mixture of fantastic and fabulous. Makes one sound even more gay than "faaaboulouuuus!" But fun to say and describes something that has no negative aspects to it at all.
Guy: So how was the retreat?

Girl: Oh my gosh, it was fantastic!

Guy: That good?

Girl: No, actually, better, it was fantabulous!
by M.J. West October 22, 2008

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