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love is when you care for someone so much it hurts.
its when you only want whats best for them, when you care for them, even if they hurt and destroy you.

its when you still love them even if they betray you. when you jump to their defence, to protect them, even if it costs you everything.
when you believe in them no matter what.
when you want whats best for them, even if that means you arent a part of their lives.

the word "love" has been misused a lot in recent years, but for those of you who have lost hope, i say this... DONT! never EVER give up, because otherwise the love you felt was false, and wallowing in your own self pity will not help. if you truly love them, you will never EVER give up, never stop trying. you will always want them to be happy, but you will also never give up on them, and never give up hope. maybe you will even go all out and prove to them that you are worthy of their care.

why do i say all this? because i have loved, and been burned by love. and i'm still going.

to all you losers out there who think love is BS... to be perfectly frank you are stupid, and missing out on something great.

love is something different to each individual, and cannot really be defined except as a strong feeling or emotion between two people.

this definition is kinda my outlook on what love has been for me so far.

ok, longish definition, but its true. luck to you all in finding this, and if you do, dont give up on it.
when you will always be there for the person you love, no matter what.
by M.C.Jomar March 30, 2006
attention seeking fools who want to feel special. they choose this term because they think it will make them or define them.

its like whiny snot nosed angsty teens who think they know it all, and then decide to term themselves as vampires because it is "cool" or "in"

so a real vampire? basically a real vampire is a woman who marries a guy for his cash to leech him of his money.

another kind of vampire is one who might leech off someone without giving in return.

basically a vampire is a leech from society, not this cruddy blood drinking/ energy draining BS others seem to think it is.

grow up people and wake to what you really are, another human in this world trying to get by, so cheer the %@#£ up and get on with stuff.
a snot nosed why teen who wants to define themselves as something "special" or as vampires
by M.C.Jomar March 30, 2006

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