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The Ultimate insult...in which nothing can outmatch. In using Gaylord you are saying somebody is essentially the Ruler of all Gays.

A Gaylord is a about 100x10^999 times more insulting than all of those words combined. Unlike many other definitions claim, Gaylord cannot be beaten by "fuck you" or any other insult.

Gaylord is a classic insult used many centuries ago, but recently has become lost in time...fortunatly it is slowely being brought back into everyday use.
Random Guy 1: Dude, fuck you to the max...and SUCK IT!!!

Random Guy 2: You're such a GAYLORD...Hail the ruler of all gays.

Random Guy 1: Shit, I just got served
by M.C Caber April 02, 2006
When somebody is attractive in the sense that they are able to distract you from accomplishing things that are truely important; such as work, and sleep.
The Distractivness between Mike and Brooke is so immense that neither of them can ever get any work done.
by M.C Caber April 02, 2006
The wicked combination of Awsome, and Amazing
Omg, that's Awsomazing
by M.C Caber November 25, 2006
Faggot spelt in the most hilarious and extreme way possible. Phaygit is always said in a very high pitched, obnoxious voice; so that it will piss of the person being called it to no end.

If you were to write it as it were to sound when said obnoxiously, it would be something like "PHAAAYYYYYYGIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT"
Dude, you're such a freaking phaygit.
by M.C Caber April 02, 2006

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