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5 definitions by M.Blur

Noun: A behavioral, defensive martial art. The ability of a man to resist being manipulated by the batted eyelashes, pouting lips, whines and cutesy baby talk often used by women in order to get their way.

Warning: Successful use of cunt-fu may result in result in tantrum throwing and physical violence by the refused female. Actual paired knowledge of Kung-Fu may be advisable.
Can be referred to as Cute-Fu in more polite circles.
She's pissed because he wouldn't buy her a drink. She did the whole pout and whine thing, but he knows cunt-fu.
by M.Blur January 05, 2011
13 -1
Adj. The anxiety felt by people at the beginning of learning new a skill or discipline.

Portmanteau of Frustration and Started

Origin: An entertaining typo on a forum.
I can't figure out this programming language. I know I'm just a beginner, but I'm frustarted.

Joe was so frustarted in his basic ceramics class that he smacked the clay off the wheel and across the room.
by M.Blur April 03, 2011
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Adjective: So hot that your nuts hang down to your knees.
Emily: Is it bad out? I checked the weather and they said it's 103 degrees.

Jeff: Yeah, it's knee-nuts hot out there.
by M.Blur July 20, 2012
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Noun: When you sit in a diner booth and try to sneak a fart. The thump of the violently escaping flatulence makes a thud that can be felt by the person sitting next to you.
Don't sit next to Marc. His boothquakes average 8.2 on the rectum scale.
by M.Blur February 08, 2013
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Noun: When you can't make a decent or well thought up argument on social media, find, copy and share a snazzy picture with a nugget of wisdom that sums up all your political, religious, or social opinions. The common alternative to intelligent debate on facebook and other social media.
1. I can't make an intelligent argument, so I'll just copy a picture of Willy Wonka with a sarcastic strawman saying and post it as my own memegument. SO MUCH WIN!

2. I'm putting you on ignore until you learn how to debate without memeguments.
by M.Blur February 13, 2013
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