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a real sick punk band, with four or five albums. currently consists of tim mcllrath on the mic, zach blair on guitar, joe principe on bass, and brandon barnes on drums. definitely check them out if your into punk rock.
I just downloaded Rise Against's newest album, it's real nice.
by m. sherm February 04, 2009
a company that makes tiny skateboards for your fingers. kids use them to then fingerboard, which is like skating, except using your fingers instead of your feet!
Hey man i just landed a double kickflip fakie on my new tech deck!
by m. sherm January 20, 2009
a varial kickflip with an extra flip. so its like a pop shuvit + double kickflip.
yesterday i was tryin to varial the three flat two and i accidentally nightmare flipped it!
by m. sherm December 30, 2008
a skateboarding shoe company that makes other shit like t-shirts and hoodies too. they're a pretty sick company, their shoes are good, and their clothes look cool. some skaters on fallen footwear include chris cole, jamie thomas, and josh harmony.
I just got the new Fallen Chris Cole Rippers, wanna skate?!
by m. sherm February 04, 2009
v. The act of being on MDMA of any kind, such as e pills or mali powder.

n. An e pill.
I'm rolling so hard man, would it be weird if I cuddled with you?

I found some cheap rolls dude, you down for a crazy night?!
by M. Sherm August 17, 2010
1- verb. when you put out a cigarette to save it for later

2- noun. a partially burned cigarette that your saving for later.

3- verb. smoking half your cigarette then giving the other half to someone else.
1- "im gonna cut this boge so i have something to spark up after the blunt!"

2- "hey, did someone steal that cut outta my pack!?"

3- "can i have a cigarette?" "ill cut you on one."
by m. sherm January 07, 2010

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