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Abreviated version of american rock band Foo Fighters should only be used by real fans. and not wannabe fans that think they do. The foos along with frontman Dave Grohl are an extremely origional and amazing american rock band. The b est American rock band of this age
The Foos are over-rated
theyre not over rated you emo b*stard! you probably think fall out boy and My chemical romance are good, well F*CK YOU! Dave Grohl is a true guitar hero. FOO FIGHTERS SAVING ROCK FROM THE EMO F*UCKHEADS
by M. Newby May 18, 2006
An EXTREMELY crap band from NJ.
Hey, My Chemical Romance are shit!
Ye, they are
True dat!

Hey, all their band members suck and their fans are retards
Ye, they are
True Dat
by M. Newby May 18, 2006

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