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2 definitions by M. Mathers 2011

A funny internet meme derived from the Mass Effect 2 video game character Miranda Lawson. A Krogan is a type of sentient alien species similar to bipedal Rhinos and particularly love to headbutt, ram, or charge their enemies in the game. The term/phrase, however, is sharply overused by the character whenever this happens.
Miranda Lawson: "Krogan Charging!!! Watch the Krogan! Krogan Charging!!!"
by M. Mathers 2011 November 18, 2011
A slang term meaning "heading over there, now" or "on my way." It originates from the military when soldiers move to a different spot on a battlefield or jungle, as 'deploy' means move. The slang term was originated from the video game "Mass Effect."
Commander Shepard: "Take that spot, over there."
Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams: "REDEPLOYING!!!"
Grunt: "Redeploying!"
by M. Mathers 2011 November 18, 2011