2 definitions by M. J. Allicott

A person who threatens, or harasses another person over the phone, but wouldn't have the courage to do it in person.
She called my house today, and cursed me out, and threatened to beat me up, but when I saw her in school earlier today, she couldn't look me in the eyes. She's a punk! She just a phone-thug!
by M. J. Allicott May 11, 2007
The gut most male bodybuidlers acquire from over consumption of protein drinks, and a lack of situps and crunches. Different from other guts, because it's usually hard as steel, and has cuts in it.
Wow! Did you see that bodybuilder's biceps?
Yeah, did you get a load of his bodybuilder's gut! It had nice cuts in it, but dude, it's still a gut!
by M. J. Allicott May 11, 2007

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