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2 definitions by M. Beke

The letters you are reading now.

A collection of marks which represents a sound.
This is text, you fool.

Person 1: Why are you looking up stupid words? Haven't you got anything better to do?
Person 2: Which idiot defined this word?
M. Beke: I did.
by M. Beke November 11, 2004
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A country everybody (especially Europeans) think is South-American, but is actually North-American. Dictator Fidel Castro is ruling here, brougth to power by Argentinian Che Guevara and his cool anti-capitalism communist guerilla-dudes gang. Beautiful country with the best healthcare and sports-funding of the world. No freedom of speech.
Ignorant outsider: I like the Cuban Che Guevara who fought against Fidel in South America back in the seventies.

Telling that Che Guevara was the minister of Economic Affairs in Cuba souns a lot more boring than that he won a war with 100 men against a government with an army of 150.000.
by M. Beke November 11, 2004
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