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2 definitions by M. Alan Wood

Formed by a combination of the words twink and delicious. It is used as an adjective to describe a very attractive young white male. Twinks tend to be under 25 years old, slim, no body hair, stylish hair and clothing, enjoy clubbing, effeminate and somewhat arrogant. They are also considered to be the ultimate prize for many older gay males, a trophy boyfriend.

Twinkalicious can also be used to describe a situation or setting.
Have you been to the new club downtown? I heard it is twinkalicious. Packed wall to wall with hotties.

Did you see that guy that just walked by? Talk about twinkalicious, he definitely got me hungry.
by M. Alan Wood February 17, 2008
A term used to describe attractive or hot red neck guys. It is a play on the words fuck and hillbilly. Although it can be used by heterosexuals, it is most often used as gay slang in the South to describe extremely hot and masculine guys.

An attractive,masculine, young man. Basically a hot redneck guy you want to fuck. The stereotypical fuckabilly is under 30, dresses in typical redneck attire, might have facial stubble, very handsome, and is tanned and toned. Many fuckabilly's are on the "down low" and only like to receive oral pleasure and maintain that they are still 100% heterosexual which adds to their attraction.
Have you seen Brad's new boyfriend, that is one hot little fuckabilly.
by M. Alan Wood February 17, 2008