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1. The act of recreationally drinking copious amounts of alcohol for the soul purpose of severe intoxication. (Drinking To Get Drunk)

2. An event or collective of individuals brought together by the common goal of getting hammed, achieving hammence.

3. An individual who is constantly over intoxicated, making themselves the center of attention as a result. A Hammence.

"I'ts Friday afternoon, Let The Hammence Commence!"

"Woah that rager last night at Slloyd's was such a Hammence, I lost my shoes."

"Khughes is too hammed again... That kid is such a Hammence, I can't believe it."
by M-Russ March 04, 2009
The king of trance and techno music in Germany. He reigns over the music industry with an iron fist and has no remorse when he lyrically slaughters his arch nemesis Dr. Storch with his beats of catastrophic proportions!
Slance is so freakin' illmatic, i wanna pick up his new album "slillos trance 2006"
by m-russ April 22, 2006
The Act of discretely recieving sexual pleasure from a jacuzzi jet by placing one's genitals in front of the jet's blast.

note - it is always a good idea to have a spotter and/or a decoy, should a lifeguard become suspicious.
"Yo last friday we wasn't gettin' no play at da club, so me and my homies rolled to the rec centre and jet jammed the fuck out dat bitch!"

"Dude, i got banned from the pool last week cause i got caught jet jamming by one of the life guards... so embarassing"
by M-Russ November 04, 2009
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