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Third Installment of Guitar Hero
Bob: Hey wanna go to the movies tonight?
Tom: Fuck you! I'm playing Guitar Hero III!
by M-Kat January 10, 2008
To have a mental break-down after something major going on in your life.
Buddy: Dude, how long does it take you to choose a damn meal off of the dollar menu?

You: STFU! I'm haveing a spears moment!
by M-Kat January 10, 2008
To compare the size of one persons penis to anothers to see who is superior.
We had a dick off and James lost by 7 inches.
by M-Kat January 10, 2008
When hanging around a diabetic for a prolonged period of time you may get diabetic symptoms.
Snap, u got the diabeticasy!
by M-Kat January 10, 2008
A party in which when the lights turn off and when the cell phone lights turn on, everyone gets naked.
That was a sweet cell phone party!
by M-Kat January 12, 2008

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