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to engage in coitus. Origin: the Ojibwe natives in Minnesota. The Ojibwe have a phrase "Poonjegay" which means "to dip meat in grease." Among the teenagers there, it's shortened to "Poonj" and has become slang for sex.
"Hey, did you two poonj last night?"
"Were you guys poonjin?"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
fear of the number 8, this IS a legit and very real phobia.
"I suffer from Octophobia."

"5, 6, 7, ...AAAAHHHHHHHH!"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
When your butt falls asleep from sitting in one position too long.
"Oww I've got some major butt lock!"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
a variation of the game nut ball when two or more females throw a ball at eachother's crotches. see the nut ball definition
wanna play cooter ball?
by M-HO March 10, 2005
Has the same meaning as the word whore, but is not as harsh. Used more in a friendly joking context with close friends, than as an insult.
"You broke the remote control?! You dirty whure!"

"Dont be such a whure"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
A variation on the word poonj which means to spoon while being naked (it does not mean to have sex).
"heya, wanna spoonj?"

"I think i still owe you a spoonj"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
internet slang. it really more fo a joke to poke fun at all the acronyms used in chat room talk. A variation on LMAO, it means "laughing my fucking ass off mother fucker"
"i cant believe you jsut said that LMFAOMF!!!"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
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