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the technical term to define a sexual encounter that may occur while traveling to West Virgina for a ski trip. Three people, one male and two females of which one is a neutral party and does not partake in any sexual activity, are in involved. The male in question must be wearing sweat pants (jeans are oppitional and may be substituted for the for mentioned sweat pants)and a north face jacket and or a hoodie from the home school team of the said person. The female not partaking in any sexual comment must be sitting in the seat on the back of the bus to the left of the male who is sitting in a seat closest to the isle. The female taking part in the sexual contact must be laying across both the male and neutral female with their head laying across the neutral females lap and the torso and or ass across the lap of the male. The female then must slight raise her right
Hogan received a Shobogan Hogan Part 1 while on the charter bus
by M-F January 22, 2008
Leg and then slowly play with the males upper thigh and or quad muscles. Then after minutes of senseless teasing, the female then must begin to slowly reach towards the males genitalia. Upon reaching the genitalia, the female begins to diddle with the for mentioned genitalia. This stroking of the cock must occur outside the males pants and no direct contact with the penis may be made. The male, in question, may also not experience an erection or "hard-on" of any form. Please note that this may lead to a Taylor Whaler
Shobogan Hogan Part 2 was constantly discussed in the 2-1 TRE
by M-F January 22, 2008
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