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Teenage angst
"He be packin' crontizzle, yo!"
by M-Dog December 14, 2003
A great rapper represnting the west coast. TUPAC vs BIGGIE. Made Death Row Records big but I do think he is dead cuz sum1 by now would of seen him...
Tupac came from the gutters and he made it to the top with popularity and raising coastal beef.
by M-dog October 13, 2003
One who is a white ghetto princess. a.k.a. Formlinka and Lumorbh. They must also be Russian.
We are geido princesses because we are russian white ghetto people.
by M-Dog August 07, 2004
It is when you pick up your Jesus pillow and shake it and squeeze it in order to fluff it up.
You: Wow, this Jesus pillow is pretty flat. Maybe I should fluff it up.
Me: Yeah, go ahead, fluff your jesus.
by M-Dog August 07, 2004

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