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1. the sixth letter of the alphabet, pronounced "eff"
2. A very very very very very bad grade, which usually prompts disciplinary actions by parents of young children.
3. the last letter in the slang acronym WTF, which is commonly used often by n00bs, or used occasionally by l33ts to indicate surprise, shock, or rejection towards something.
1. F is a letter, use it.

2. I got an F on my Physics test, looks like father is going to tie me to that tree in the front yard and flog me until i'm sunburn red.

3. WTF????!!!!!11111
by M-Bomb September 27, 2004
In ancient (2001) English, this word relates to the being and actions of the male anatomy, or simply, a stupid, retarded person.
"Quit humping yer own dog ya dickmo!!! "

"You ran over the mailman you dickmo!"

by M-Bomb September 26, 2004
1. ghetto version of for no reason at all
He took his brother and stuck him in the blender for NO rizzle at izzle!
by M-Bomb September 27, 2004
1. a spanish person whom has consumed beverages or food that contains caffeine, causing hyperactivity, lack of sleep, and enhanced sexual bravado

2. Anybody whom is experiencing a sugar high, or a caffeine buzz.

3. slang term for someone who gets drunk off of soda
1. Look at that spanish caffinemo, i bet in 9 months he'll have triplets.

2. You stupid spanish caffeinemo, you'll kill yourself drinking 19 pepsis at once.

3. Man, Mark is a spanish caffeinemo...he never knows when to stop drinking soda.
by M-Bomb September 27, 2004

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