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5 definitions by M feezy

the parking brake. short for emergency brake. when pulled at fast speeds, it causes the car to lose control and slide around
hold on bro, im gonna pull the e-brake around this turn
by M feezy October 14, 2004
65 29
to rub cocaine on your gums, which makes them numb. often used to test the quality of the coke. the number it makes your gum, the better shit it is
ya let me take a gummer to make sure this shits ill before i pay for it
by M feezy October 14, 2004
90 66
a blunt with cocaine sprinkled on it.
that cabbie's gonna have your throat numb as hell
by M feezy October 14, 2004
46 26
the stem of a bong which contains the bowl. Once the bong is filled with smoke, you "slide" the slider out in order to clear the bong.
u better pull that slider out, you gotta lotta smoke filled up
by M feezy October 14, 2004
93 88
when something runs out, especially a keg
when i rolled up at the party, the keg was already dusted
by M feezy October 14, 2004
7 18