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A mid-sized city of broke black people. Population is 95% african american. The lowest income per person in Michigan.One of the Murda Mitten's worse. So don't be surprised if get merk'd and robbed. On a positive note it is talent in Benton Harbor from talented boxers(Courtney Burton), Rappers(Chi Boy), actors(Vivca Fox even though she doesn't say it),comedians(Sinbad),and many more.
I got GOT for my chain in Benton Harbor
by M Ville October 14, 2006
The best state. The home of cars and cereal.

The best MI cites:
Benton Harbor
Flint Grand Rapids

Every city except Hell, Michigan
Nothing like good ol' Michigan.
by M Ville October 14, 2006
A word used by african americans to refer to each other and a lot of things. White people and others that can't say the word try to get all intellectual saying the people that use the word and don't let a certain race use it are hypocrites. When in fact they're mad because they can't say without a beat down. Finally something the white race can't have!
Black guy: What up nigga.
White guy: Nothin much nigga.
Black guy: *Beats the white guy*
White guy: You're a hypocrite! *Cries*
Black guy: Your just mad you can't say it. Good try. *Laughs*
by M Ville October 14, 2006
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