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A place full of teenagers. People trying to fit in with the right crowd. Here are the types of people in high school.

Preps: Little spoiled brats who go around the school showing off their new clothes and shit. The teachers love these brats. Are scared of the muslims in the school.

Jocks: Guys that are preps and play on the sports team and go around bullying nerds. Assholes basically.

Nerds/Geeks: Kids that nice, smart and don't bother anyone. But they get bothered by the jocks.

Goths: These are rebels that are pale, have coloured black hair, listen to heavy metal and protect nerds. The teachers hate them.

Punks: Like the goths, but they don't have pale faces. They like to skateboard and they listen to punk rock bands.

Gangstas: Usally latin or black that are real gangstas, listen to rap and keep it real. They aren't bullies, they are actually nice to people that are nice as well. Some of them are white.

Gangsta wannabes/wiggers: These white sub-urban kids think they are tough and are mean to everyone. They are really cocky but it takes only one punch to shut them up.

Muslims: The preps and the jocks dont like these people but the muslims are really nice. They will help you, they will protect nerds and they also mind their own business.They are quiet, and they don't get into trouble. Also never try to pick a fight with a muslim. Strangeley whenever a jock tries to pick a fight with a muslim the jock always loses. I know this beacause whenever a kaffir tries to beat me up, I beat the crap out of them.
High school sucks dont go there or you will die
by M U S L I M February 05, 2006

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