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Overweight female that uses the following traits to make up for physical appearance.
>>> forgiving, supportive, expects to get cheated on, good cook, over generous, always the designated driver, buys lots of presents, sexual, loves giving blowjobs, funny, watches racing/football/wrestling, loves porno's<<<<
All men want hoghearts added into the body's of hotties. See Hottie Hoghearts
Damn, I wish that hottie had a hogheart.
SEE Hottie Hogheart
by M Long / T Holmes December 10, 2003
A hot female with fat chick characteristics. She’s funny, sexual, adventurous, cool, and spontaneous. You see these traits in fatties but not in many hotties. The idea is to transplant the hogheart from the fatty into the hottie. You then end up with a hottie with the fatty characteristics.
e.g. – I wish that hottie had a hogheart.
e.g. - She a hottie hogheart!!!!
by M Long / T Holmes December 10, 2003

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