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Onomatopoeic sound describing a "slow" explosion that results in a large rush of air, rather than a percussive explosion.
Mary lit the gas oven after waiting too long, which subsequently went floom.
by M May 15, 2004
a house, apartment, or other living space
I wanna go back ta my krib, yo.
by M December 03, 2003
A lost continent, existed in mythology but sunk
by m June 02, 2003
Tortured by his own angst, But greates Musician that ever lived and thats what makes his music great!
by M February 14, 2003
Gorgeous, Dutch. Hottest guy in elite swimming, known for his rivalry/love affair with Ian Thorpe and perfect teeth. Also known as Hoogie, among many other humourous variations on his surname. Has countless websites devoted to his physical perfection and the (really very obvious) relationship he and Thorpey have going, which is officially called "Thoogie".
Couldn't you just FEEL the sexual tension between Thorpey and Hoogie after the 200 Free?
by M March 18, 2005
to erect a mast
Peter had urbation problems that required a hydraulic lift
by m March 14, 2004
A stick for inserting up the cunt. A dildo.
Have you seen this great new cuntstick it's got nodules and it vibrates and twirls!!!
by M July 30, 2003

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