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To get completely, hopelessly and utterly drunk or "off yer face". Words and phrases of the same definition include "steaming", or "getting boats".
Me and the boys are getting on the steamboat tonight!
by m January 26, 2004
pathetic and unfashionable, describes a person with no taste in clothes, or no money to buy some decent gear.
you're a right scruff you nunty cock knocker
by M May 14, 2003
This definition is actually referred to as "Fan boy"
a person who loves a particular thing, music group, show, etc. And views anyone who disagrees with him/her as not only wrong but their enemy. They view the disagreement as a personal attack and will usually resort to extremely defensive, and irrational form of arguing.
Allan: "Nintendo is better than Xbox"
Steve: "Nintendo is for babies, Xbox kicks ass"
Allan: "You're a baby! Xbox is for pedophiles, Nintendo is awesome!"
Steve: "Go play with your Super Monkey Balls."
Allan: "You mean like your mom did last night?"

You can pretty much substitute the "Xbox" and "Nintendo" for anything from fruits to clothing products.
by M April 14, 2005

1. One who compromises the ideals of tolerance or justice either for personal gain or for the acceptance of others.
Did you hear that that lawyer stopped working for the NAACP? He works at the Heritage Foundation and gets paid twice as much. What a fascist whore!
by M March 26, 2004
a) Crappy Canadian music required to be played on Canadian radio stations in order to fulfill a quota. Much like cops fulfilling their quota by busting x number of speeders or black people each month.
Nickelback. Celine Dion. Rush.
by M May 31, 2004
Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe. See also Thorpedo.
Thorpey and Hoogie are SO getting it on, I don't care what they say.
by M March 18, 2005
variant of tuna bowl. Fierce tuna bowls occur when you got one of those athletic chicks (the feminist type that don't shave or at least trim) and they decide to go do some physically demanding activity, like playing soccer or running a marathon. During the activity they drink lots of FIERCE GATORADE(TM) and sweat like fat guys at 10PM when the AYCE buffet is closing. Afterwards, they neglect to wash themselves or their undies, and in fact, leave them on.
A: "So how did he die?"
B: "Well, you know that damn girlfriend of his--always running marathons and all sorts of that bullshit--plus he's a little bitch. Anyway, he went down on her after one of her "training sessions" and next thing you know... Doctors are calling it death by asphyxia, but his family is trying to press charges."
A: "On what grounds?"
B: "Well, they want to get FIERCE TUNA BOWLS added to hate crime laws."
A: "Ohhhhh..."
by M January 31, 2005

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