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Yo homie, ill be right back, gotta take a pizzle
by M July 02, 2003
A fat, annoying, slutty girl.
"Damn, did you see that fat slut? What a skankopotamus!"
by m February 23, 2005
The spide. Most people who live in belfast want to move away as soon as possible because of these poorly dressed monsters. All of them deserve to die, literally. If you are passing by a group of them, completely ignore them, and do not look at them in the eyes or twice. Unless of course you are a spide yourself, or you are dressed similar (it's a good idea to wear a nike top over your Metallica T-shirt, and wear jeans as much as possible). However, if a spide who is on his own calls out to you, he will leave you alone at the slightest comeback. But if you ignore him, he will think you are "scared" and he will continue this.
Walk into belfast city centre, look around for 10 seconds, and you'll see a spide.
by M August 05, 2004
Homoerotic vibes between two supposedly heterosexual men.
OMG are you feeling the HoYay! love between Ian Thorpe and Pieter van den Hoogenband? They are so slashy.
by M March 18, 2005
A family of hamsters.
Look at that hamily over there, they looks so cute with their cheek pouches all stuffed!
by M January 08, 2005
To get completely, hopelessly and utterly drunk or "off yer face". Words and phrases of the same definition include "steaming", or "getting boats".
Me and the boys are getting on the steamboat tonight!
by m January 26, 2004
a) A substitute for "said", before a quote.

b) About; approximately

c) Nonsense word; a space holder
a) And he was like, "We should go out sometime," and she was like, "Uh...in your dreams," and he was like, "Bitch."

b) He was like, 30 years old.

c) So, like, where should we, like, go?
by M November 22, 2003

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