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(uw madison) friday after class
they've got fac drink specials at Brothers
by m March 21, 2005
138 92
The breeding of two animals who are related to each other.
Brother and a sister
by M February 19, 2004
68 23
"A condition where one is deceived into thinking things are of higher quality than they actually are."
He thought Anna Nicole was attractive, he was obviously suffering from kalopsia
by m October 22, 2003
43 6
Food substance deriving from central asia, the earliest known recipe for which appeared on tablets found near Babylon in Mesopotamia, written in cuniform text as discovered by the Sumerians, and dated around 1700 B.C., probably as an offering to the god Marduk.

The origin of the word itself is likely to have it's origins from the Tamil word 'kari' meaning spiced sauce.

In Britain, curries range from quite mild, to very hot, vindaloo being one of the hottest varieties.

Americans would not be able to handle even a spoonful of vindaloo cos they are wimpy cry babys.
fancy a curry lads?
by M May 16, 2003
135 101
1. Underpants - especially male ones.
Can you please stop leaving your smelly, used gruts all over the floor?
by M February 04, 2005
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white bald-headed, usually a neo-nazi
I'm gonna kill that fucking cue ball!
by m September 07, 2004
57 27
Ambition, fierce tenacious resolve; A willingness to go to any lengths and fight through any obstacles to obtain a goal; great focus.
"That kid has hoop dreams."

"Y'all can't f-- with my hoop dreams"
by M May 29, 2004
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