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Used first in Bridget Jones' Diary, it has now become a synonym for the mindgames men play when dating. It can also be applied to women in rare cases.
It can be preceded by "emotional" to make it about manipulating emotions or just plain "fuckwittage"
Girl 1: Oh Dan said he loved me but he's not ready for a relationship
Girl 2: That's just emotional fuckwittage. Get out of the relationship!
by m December 05, 2004
A group of more than one girl sporting
a gunt.
I saw a gaggle of geese fly overhead just before I went in the dive bar and saw a girdle of gunts.
by M January 18, 2004
A guy who cannot hold his load therefore not being able to please his woman. Aka mary's boyfriend
whoa that sucks you're going out with a minute man!
by m April 20, 2005
A woman who still cannot think for herself, nor do anything for herself, and is always looking for the next man while still trying to hold on to the first, second, or thid husband already lost.

Also like the archery target idea.
My ex wife.
by m October 30, 2003
An exclamation hilighting the stupidity or lack of logic of a preceeding statement.
"I ate three cockroaches."
"What? Who does that?"
by M December 24, 2004
when a lesbian is wearing a strap on dildo while out on the town or doing errands.
I met her at the lesbian bar, looked down at her crotch, saw a huge bulge, YEP she's packing!
by M March 16, 2004
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