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1) in-ter-fahy vb. (rhymes with apple-pie)

The forceful insertion of one body part into another. Usually used as a form of demonstrating class distinction or superiority of some sort. Though all forms are technically acceptable, many styles prefer that one or more of the aforementioned parts be implied.
2)in-ter-fee n. (rhymes with climb-a-tree)

A state in which any interfying (hereafter: interfication) occurs.

note: it is worth mentioning that all forms of this word usually imply a mess is being made, one which nobody is willing to clean.
If those kids don't quiet down I'm going to have to interfy(1) an eye socket or two.

Last week the boss showed up and interfied(1) us all for being slackers; my nostril still needs ointment occasionally.

Figuratively speaking (for the most part), the British caused much interfy(2) with regard to the colonies, and war - as it so frequently is - was the result.

I'm not going in that room, not untill the interfy(2) is done with and the clothes are back on!

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