2 definitions by M!ch@3l

1) when you shape your finger like a gun and go bang bang!

2) the name of the boy band Stan, Kyle, Cartman & Kenny made that Wendy joined

3) to pleasure a woman with your hands in her pussy or ass or even to a man via the ass
Cactus Jack's signiture taunt was to finger bang and say "Bang, Bang".

"I'm gonna finger bang, bang you all through the night. I'm gonna finger bang, bang into my life.

I finger banged Michelle last night. She obviously liked it cause she giggled and moaned during it.
by M!ch@3l September 18, 2005
1) A sub word for sex used by Ric Flair.

2) A ride that is in every single Disney theme park.
Tonight, I'm taking you to Space Mountain. WOOOOO!

Space Mountain is good because it is in the dark, has head choppers as well as cool effects.
by M!ch@3l September 18, 2005

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