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Shortened form of Yo ho ho! - yoho is a term used to describe pirated materials, usually films or tv programmes downloaded over the internet.
Steve has downloaded the pilot for The Walking Dead but it's a really low grade yoho so I'll wait for broadcast.

I managed to get an HD yoho of that movie, "Ink", and it was so cool I donated to their paypal site from their website.
by L~J October 21, 2010
acronym: I have a blog, you are reading it.

response to: Get a Blog

Not everyone in the world wants to (or should be allowed to) talk about themselves in a structured format in a set place. Sometimes it's not about the attention, it's just about expression. We should accept this where and when it happens, rather than attempt to deny people their need to share experience - this is how we all remain connected
<---- heartfelt outpouring of thoughts or emotions, sharing of experience on a messageboard----->

cynical internet response: Get a Blog

by L~J August 22, 2009

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