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6 definitions by Lyzz

(n) Basically, "puppy love" is a term used to describe what many kids/teenagers/whatever call love, implying that they are incapable of the same type of true love that adults are capable of. However, "puppy love" is most likely equally common among adults.
"Oh dear, my 15 year old kid has another case of puppy love."
by Lyzz June 22, 2003
428 171
An insane, wonderful man who has created many funny, disturbing, funnily disturbing, and disturbingly funny stuff.
i.e., Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Invader Zim, I feel sick, Squee, etc.
Obey Jhonen. He is your master.
by Lyzz January 30, 2004
356 114
Most commonly known as the people who dub over anime with English voices. They also screw over the names of characters and their lines, not to mention change crucial details of the storylines. Though they are kind enough to bring versions of anime we non-Japanese can understand, they simply suck. I say, 'Give me subs, or give me death!' *assassinated*
The dubbers changed yet another name to crap. Let's move to Japan.
by Lyzz April 10, 2004
9 5
used to describe something as cool, sweet, or cute
Spiffy is Lyzzy's word! Grr!
by Lyzz November 26, 2003
4 9
Yay is an exclamation of happiness, you drugged up morons.
Yay! I just put down people I don't even know!
by Lyzz November 26, 2003
36 43
Corn from space
The astronauts, after bringing back what is now being called 'space corn', are beginning to wonder if there really is life on Mars.
by Lyzz January 17, 2004
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