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A kickass stop-animation movie, concieved by Tim Burton. He wrote a poem that the movie was based on, but wasnt too closely involved with it otherwise.

Danny Elfman did the music and sang for Jack Skellington. WONDERFUL songs in this movie.

Pitched as a kid's movie, but all can appreciate it.
It is currently the 10th anniversary, so go out and buy it on DVD!
I love Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Mother says "It's a sick movie."
by lyss December 28, 2003
1.One who loves to whore the emo music.
2.A pussy who listens to EMO music and is proud of it.
3.One who performs sexual acts on others while listening to EMO.
1.Oh my gosh, I think I'm having an orgasm to THURSDAY.
2.I listen to Dashboard, Yellowcard and Jimmy Eat world! Fuck I'm cool!
3."Yeah yesterday night, I banged my girlfriend to Dashboard confessional after my previous girlfriend dumped me."
by Lyss December 30, 2004
slang used when explaining that someone likes another person alot.
He is kirkin you.
He really likes you alot, he is whipped on you.
by Lyss February 22, 2005

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