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next person to bat in a baseball game
"Giambi is needs a double here in the sixth. If not, then the Yanks will have to count on Jeter whose on deck."
by Lynx January 04, 2004
A Phreaker is a person who knows way too fucking much about phones and how they work and how to get illegal free calls and much more just by using a phone and they use boxes like the blue box that generates a blue 2600 hz sound that is a basic 'hack' of a phone.
someone: 'Dude...I ran out of minutes and cant call anywhere..

me: 'Ha need help, eh? I'm a phreaker...I can help you..'
by lynx August 30, 2004
The act of spooning with the intent to be sexually aroused
Bobby: What is he doing to her
Billy: Dry humping her or something, them Schoolboy tactics
by LYNX September 16, 2013
To quote Mr. Loser: absolute hicks; have a football team that called the Crimson Tide because they once tied in a game in the 1910s; racists

Nice work, you complete dipshit. Called Crimson Tide because in the early 1900's they had a great season, and an announcer said they looked like a "Tide of Crimson" storming all over the other teams. Idiot.
While it is true that racism exists in Alabama, can you tell me a state that dosen't hold an example of racism? If you think Alabama is bad because of racism, you're probably an idiot, so go jump off a cliff and rid us of your worthless ass.
by Lynx July 05, 2004
Section of the Counter-Strike Forums were hate is rampent.
Tox si a fgt.
by lynx August 09, 2003

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