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Musted-defines the past tense term of, "Musty". It means having an lingering moldy odor that accumilates when one has prespired heavily. If this adjective is spoken with the word, "mussy;" which is undefined, but in slang can be said as an adverb term meaning, "highly enpowering" or "badly strong smelly " it justifies that a place, object, or person is funky onto the 3rd degree.
She is so mussy musted that she makes speed stick deodorent slow down, secret deodorent tell it all, and lever deodorent leave town.
by Lynnj85 July 28, 2010
Refers to the national term, ditch-which is to leave. Refers to the term miss-which is overlooking or passing up. Ditched-n-missed refers to dropping an ex-lover and moving forward to another just to aggaravate the past lover by not acknowledging him.
Girl, I just ditched-n-missed that fool. He be calling me and I just ignore him; I'm over him.
by Lynnj85 July 26, 2010
Insult that is judged onto a cheap/hustling person who picks up crushed and used alumium soda cans, then turns them in for loose change. They can gain only 5 cents for each can, but this jobless loser takes it to veiw it as being worth $10 when it's only 10 cents. Usually they are strung-out and uneducated deadbeats spending nickels.
Don't throw those cans in the trash, kiddies. Mr. Can beater coming to collect em'.
by Lynnj85 July 28, 2010

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