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So tacky or lame that is has a certain ironic appeal.
Lava lamps, and trucker hats are very kitschy.
by Lyndsey February 15, 2005
The ultimate king of chavs who enjoys wearing burberry caps, tracksuits and bling. A big fan of 20p and marijuana.
Av you got 20p mate for sum fuckin... draw... and stuff?
by Lyndsey January 17, 2005
An undocumented form of mental
illness, related vaguely to Mad Cow Disease, whose
symptoms include severe cramps in the wrist and index
figure of the hand that holds the TV remote, an beery
smelling foam around the lips, crumbs on the upper
body, and the repetitive muttering of the phrase, 'the
He didnt leave the house at all during march madness, watching basketball nonstop for 3 straight weeks, uttering only "the brackets" and "Dickie V"
by Lyndsey March 07, 2005
Female variety of Spide (Northern Ireland) or Chav (Mainland UK). Millies were first established in the 1960s when then worked in the Mills. Financially challenged and burdened with 10 kids by the age of 19, the chain smoking, gum-smacking hoorbags reproduced at astounding rates with their spide counterparts to form the population of council estates. They then spilled out into the wider suburbs of Belfast, infiltrating every park and street corner in Glengormley, Carrickfergus, Bangor and Antrim. The collective noun is Wall, ie A Wall of Millies - demonstrated by their linking of arms in a chain with a minimum of 10 Millies (aka Millbags).
Your Ma's a millie

That slag that wears 1000 gold necklaces, is pregnant and smokes fegs...is a Millie
by Lyndsey October 27, 2004
A person who pisses someone else off to the fullest extreme.
What a fucking douche fucker. I hate him.
by Lyndsey January 17, 2004
kale is another word for currency of any sort.
can I borrow some kale until I get paid tomorrow?
by Lyndsey July 05, 2003
(da HOLLYWOOD boys)- a group of fuckin cool ass guys from kentucky. you wish you could be a member, but you cant.
Are da Hollywood boys gonna be at the party? if not, im not even goin.
by lyndsey April 18, 2005

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