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Dulaney is not as much a school, but rather a representation of life, glory, and herpe infested lavatory conditions. Its is a haven where ruit is not just looked upon as a highly prestigious sport, however it is seen as somewhat of a religion. Dulaneys' glory is withheld in its revelations in the fields of bathroom screwing and crunking in the clubbing. A "Dulaney kid" (as they are referred to in the hoods of Springdale, Jacksonville, and Mayschapel) can be recognized by his ability to proclaim his gettho'oscity while wearing Abercrombie and Fitch. Not entirely accredited to the students alone. The "Dulaney Teacher" can be recognized for their vast amount of community service from collecting for Beans n' Bread to posing as Miss December to raise money for a new wing at the playboy mansion. With the stunningly sexy Alex Carlson paving the "Dulaney Way," this haven shall be held close to the hearts of many throughout the ages.
Hereford kid, "Hey! Dulaney sucks."
Dulaney kid, "Yeah we know.......bitch."
by Lylle Patskowskii April 06, 2005

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