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1. having a very tight rear end
2. having a butt that is so tight and toned, it is compared to steel
Tyler- Check out Lydian's behind, buns of steel, man!

Kelsea- Yeah dude...yeahhh...
by Lydian Beck April 08, 2008
The barbecue capital of the world and home to the barbecue festival.
Lydian: Man, I really feel like a good barbecue sandwich, where should we go?

Kelsea: Jimmy's barbecue in Lexington, NC. Where else???
by Lydian Beck April 08, 2008
slang for "for sure my n*****"
Tyler: do you wanna go to the movies tonight?

Lydian: fo shizzle my nizzle
by Lydian Beck April 09, 2008
To become overly obsessed with a celebrity, almost to a stalker point.
Lydian: Did you see kelsea looking through Jake Delhomme's windows and kissing the poster of him?

Tyler: Yeppp... bad case of obcelebritis if ya ask me...

Lydian: fo shizzle
by Lydian Beck April 08, 2008
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