3 definitions by Lydia Mendoza

1. A community of unicyclists, pyromaniacs, and computer nerds.

2. An exciting, if short-lived, resource for Scrippsie's sexual frustration. Mudders are preferred to CMCers because they are less likely to turn into sexual predators.

3. A campus full of men who break up with Scrippsies by telling them that they "can't see this ending in marriage."
"Dude, you go to Harvey Mudd College? Can you get me some free tentacle porn?"

"You're dating a Mudder? Does he have time to sexually service you, when all he does is play Warhammer and D'n'D?"

"What do you mean 'your girlfriend's a Mudder'? There aren't any women there!"
by Lydia Mendoza March 08, 2008
1. A community of hippies and stoners masquerading as a college.

2. A campus covered in bad graffiti art.

3. A place to make up useless majors, such as "Modernity," that no one can comprehend.
"You go to Pitzer College? Do you have any weed you can share?"

"I can tell you go to Pitzer. I saw your dreads."

"What do you mean, you're a sober Pitzer student?"

"I go to Pitzer to change the world, one roach at a time."
by Lydia Mendoza March 08, 2008
1. Acronym for Claremont McKenna College.

2. 5/10 CMC students become sexual predators.

3. A campus of students hoarding beer kegs in an attempt to get some tail. This fails because of the hard alcohol at CMC's sister college, Harvey Mudd College.

4. Also known as "Community of Miniature Cocks."
"You go to CMC? What, couldn't get into any of the other 5Cs?"

"This jerk from CMC tried to rape me last night. Too bad for him I had a stun gun. And too bad for any kids he might have wanted, because I took self-defense."

"I go to CMC because I wanted some free beer."
by Lydia Mendoza March 08, 2008

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