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A super hot, blond, bellydancing, Colombian pop star that sounds like she is yodeling all the time.
ex. 1.) Rosie: Oh mah Gawd, I am totally not a Lesbian but that Shakira is such a She Wolf; she can bite me anytime.
ex 2.) Jeffery: Yanno I am not heterosexual but it would be fabulous if Shakira were to bite me too with her fierce She Wolf self.
by Lycanthropiachic December 19, 2009
noun: an old school horror movie that's main feature is a monster or monsters hence the term Creature Feature.
The best thing about a Creature Feature is when the Monster eats people.
by Lycanthropiachic December 23, 2009
verb: when Christopher Walken or any character he plays acts in a cool,calm,collected manner sometimes even smiles and laughs in a non chalantly so as to catch one off guard then suddenly and completely kicks one's ass and totally obliterates one...then just walks away like nothing happened.
A flawles example of Christopher walkin' is when he pushes Michelle Pfieffer out the window in Batman Returns.
by Lycanthropiachic December 24, 2009
something or someone explosively cute,warm & fuzzy or yummy.
WOW...That little white Persian kitten is pure Angel Poop!

Oh my gosh, those white chocolate Godiva truffles are so yummy, just like Angel Poop!
by LycanthropiaChic December 15, 2009
reprobatorium noun: an establishment filled with morally unprincipaled people;filled with reprobates.
Joe Blow: Hey I always hear you saying reprobatorium, what's up with that?
Jane Doe: Well its like that place down by the old railroad tracks where all the crackheads hang out and crouch down in the bushes suckin on those glass dicks and fryin their brains out.
by Lycanthropiachic December 24, 2009
noun-originally a small parasite that is about as big as a flea and lives in the woods and leaves little red bite marks on you.

noun-also a Chinese or Oriental Nigger, a halfbreed.
That stupid Chigger, Tiger Woods is a dirty two timing man whore who probably has an STD and I hope his hot wife takes ALL of his money! I hope he gets flacid and stays that way for life! YaY!
by Lycanthropiachic December 23, 2009

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