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Overrated card game where the player with the most money wins seeing as good cards can cost up to 50 dollars each. It is quite imbalanced as tournament winners all have the same deck showing the best strategy for the particular set. All you can do is spend hundreds of dollars on a deck so your cards can become useless when a new set comes out.
Nerd 1: Want to play Magic The Gathering?
Nerd 2: Okay.
*Nerd 1 plays creature for 1 mana*(from old set)
*Nerd 2 plays creature for the same cost with the same stats except his has flying and can destroy one monster per turn*(from new set)
*Nerd 2 wins eventually*
Nerd 2: Don't feel bad my deck cost 1200 dollars.
by Lvl 220 December 09, 2009

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